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Recent Discussions (March 1)

Hello everyone! Hope you had a great February and are ready to turn the page of the calendar into the month of March.

Here at the Bent Neurophysiology Lab, we’ve been keeping our discussions about the world of neurophysiology ongoing through online discussions and video chats and want to share some topics with you!

In our most recent discussion, Tushar led the topic focussed around the selection of EMG electrode types for various projects. We discussed this topic on cohesion with the information provided in the CEDE project, found here.

This paper was an excellent starting point for our discussion, and led us to attempt our own personal version with regards to a separate topic. Throughout our discussion, it became increasingly clear how many variables there are to consider with tasks like this, and how decisions are made with regards to one understanding.

We hope you enjoy reading about the CEDE project as much as we did, and that you continue to advance your own personal knowledge of neurophysiology!