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Featured Publications

The firing characteristics of foot sole cutaneous mechanoreceptor afferents in response to vibration stimuli

Nicholas D. J. Strzalkowski, R Ayesha Ali, and Leah R. Bent

Thresholds of cutaneous afferents related to perceptual threshold across the human foot sole

Nicholas D. J. Strzalkowski, Robyn L. Mildren, and Leah R. Bent

Selective skin sensitivity changes and sensory reweighting following short-duration space flight

Catherine R. Lowrey, Stephen D. Perry, Nicholas D. J. Strzalkowski, David R. Williams, Scott J. Wood, and Leah R. Bent

Cooling reduces the cutaneous afferent firing response to vibratory stimuli in glabrous skin of the human foot sole.

Catherine R Lowrey, Nicholas DJ Strzalkowski, Leah R Bent

Subthreshold electrical noise applied to the plantar foot enhances lower-limb cutaneous reflex generation

Tushar Sharma, Ryan M Peters, Leah R Bent

Recent Publications

Cutaneous tactile sensitivity before and after tail loss and regeneration in the leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius)

Stefanie S Bradley, Erika Howe, Leah R Bent, Matthew K Vickaryous

Foot sole cutaneous stimulation mitigates neuromuscular fatigue during a sustained plantar flexor isometric task

Simone GVS Smith, Geoffrey A Power, Leah R Bent

A systematic review of the effect of footwear, foot orthoses and taping on the lower limb muscle activity during walking and running

Joanna Reeves, Richard Jones, Anmin Liu, Leah Bent, Emma Plater, Christopher Nester

Visual feedback is not necessary for recalibrating the vestibular contribution to the dynamic phase of a perturbation recovery response

Adam J Toth, Laurence R Harris, Leah R Bent

Can texture change joint position sense at the knee joint in those with poor joint position accuracy?

Meghan Lamers, Joanna Reeves, Razan Alshamali, Chantelle Murnaghan, Leah Bent

Effects of foot position on skin structural deformation

Simone GVS Smith, Maiya K Yokich, Shawn M Beaudette, Stephen HM Brown, Leah R Bent

Physiological and cognitive measures during prolonged sitting: Comparisons between a standard and multi-axial office chair

Joseph Triglav, Erika Howe, Jaskirat Cheema, Blaire Dube, Mark J Fenske, Nicholas Strzalkowski, Leah Bent

Cutaneous afferent innervation of the human foot sole: what can we learn from single unit recordings?

Nicholas D. J. Strzalkowski, Ryan M. Peters, J. Timothy Inglis, and Leah R. Bent

Effects of foot orthoses on soft tissue morphology and skin sensitivity over three months

Joanna Emma Reeves, Richard Jones, Anmin Liu, Leah Bent, Christopher Nester

Online visual cues can compensate for deficits in cutaneous feedback from the dorsal ankle joint for the trailing limb but not the leading limb during obstacle crossing

Erika E Howe , Adam J Toth , Leah R Bent 

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