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Recent Discussions (March 25)

Hello Everyone! Here at the Bent Neurophysiology Lab we can’t believe that the month of March is already almost complete!

With the month coming to a close, the Bent Neurophysiology Lab would love to once again share some of our recent discussions with you.

Michael began our month discussing statistical models, specifically highlighting the general linear model and the mixed linear model. Looking at these models, we examined similarities and differences, as well as contentious points within research regarding statistical models as a whole. We discussed the differences in how different researchers ask questions, use variables, etc. Importantly, the discussion raised important questions regarding how one chooses to select different methods of statistics and whether or not how we use data and statistics is right or wrong, and if there is a right or a wrong.

Additionally, the Bent Neurophysiology Lab ended the month with presentations from Daniel G. and Daniel M. regarding their fourth-year research projects. Presentations such as these allow the lab to give feedback regarding the project design, findings and conclusions. This provides an opportunity for a wide-ranging discussion on the topic and challenges our newest members of the lab to support their findings in the context of the literature. They did a great job!